About Us

 Few Words About Us

  Mugs & Things is a Gifting Design Company that was create to bring alive all your inspirations, making them fun and accessible. From a humble beginnings in a converted family basement into a classy studio designer. We strive to bring you unique, hand crafted, and personalized home goods. We have sold our products to all fifty states + Canada !

 "With Mugs & Things your imagination is at your fingertips"

      Our mission is to give people the power to make anything imaginable. looking through our marketplace, you'll find our designers selling art, makers showcasing their customized products just waiting for you.

"We Are Glad You're Here!!!"

      Thank you for visiting our shop - please reach out to us if we can answer any questions!! 
      Mugs & Things is a small business started by our lovely family (wife, husband and kiddo), We strive to offer unique, personalized and meaningful products for you and your lovely one's. Thank you for supporting us!